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Taqueria Arandas No.1 ~ Eastside


Talk about bang for your buck… I ordered the “crispi taco plato” which included 3 gigantic and very stuffed beef tacos plus rice and beans and a soda for a total of $7.


The tacos were tasty and definitely satisfied the very specific craving I had been having since about 9 am, but it was my friend’s chicken flautas that nearly blew my mind…chicken perfectly seasoned, no funky bits, and not overly stuffed or too greasy from the frying. Mmmm, so good!


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Torchy’s Tacos ~ South Austin


Two words: Dirty Sanchez…Holy CRAP this is a good taco! Who would have thought that the tangy crunch of escabeche combined with fried (that’s right, fried) poblano peppers, could transform an ordinary breakfast taco into something soooo…yo no se. Perfecto? …the taco geniuses at Torchy’s that’s who. Continue reading