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peace ~ in the streets

As a first-time contributor to Taco Austin, I was enthused to search out some street art worthy of posting. I walked from my house, through my neighborhood, to the back of a building off of lamar, where I remember seeing a cool image. unfortunately, it was painted over with a fat slab of grey. Continue reading

Casa de Luz ~ South

Thursday nights at Casa de Luz are like most nights at Casa de Luz: athletes, nouveau-hippies, and cute kids with names like Merlin quietly munching on kale. Except for one thing: tacos. Made with homemade corn tortillas. Filled with fluffy guacamole and carrots and onions and mushrooms. While much of the food at Casa is utilitarian with a touch of flavor, the tacos are delicious, and in true Casa fashion, entirely organic, gluten-free, and ridiculously good for you. 12 bucks for an all-you-can-eat plate with soup and/or salad. Order at the front counter and get a wooden nickel to exchange at the kitchen counter for your meal. Kale included.


Casa de Luz:

1701 Toomey Rd
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 476-2535

Mon.- Sat. 7 am- 9pm, 11:30 am- 2pm, 6 pm- 8:30 pm.

Taqueria Arandas No.1 ~ Eastside


Talk about bang for your buck… I ordered the “crispi taco plato” which included 3 gigantic and very stuffed beef tacos plus rice and beans and a soda for a total of $7.


The tacos were tasty and definitely satisfied the very specific craving I had been having since about 9 am, but it was my friend’s chicken flautas that nearly blew my mind…chicken perfectly seasoned, no funky bits, and not overly stuffed or too greasy from the frying. Mmmm, so good!


Other dishes orered Continue reading

Torchy’s Tacos ~ South Austin


Two words: Dirty Sanchez…Holy CRAP this is a good taco! Who would have thought that the tangy crunch of escabeche combined with fried (that’s right, fried) poblano peppers, could transform an ordinary breakfast taco into something soooo…yo no se. Perfecto? …the taco geniuses at Torchy’s that’s who. Continue reading

Mi Victoria Bakery~Taco Time

So, I’ve driven by Mi Victoria, located at 5245 Burnet, a number of times before stopping in this morning. I like the overall look of the place, some of the tables are an appealing, bright yellow color. I typically feel a little apprehensive about new taco spots…heaven knows there are bad tacos out there. I felt relieved when we walked in and found the spot full of all kinds of people. A crowd is always a good sign, and there were families with little kids, single folks grabbing a bite, ladies meeting to chat and have cake, all sorts. Continue reading