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FREE TACOS ~ Yelawolf + Slaughterhouse ~ 6th & San Jacinto

Brisk & SA Studios Global Invite You for

FREE Tacos

with Yelawolf + Slaughterhouse

Brisk kicked off 2011 with a bang, from a spot in the Super Bowl to a broader ongoing partnership with Shady Records. Through continued support of art, music and culture, it’s exciting to announce that Brisk will be at this year’s SXSW. Shady Records artists’ Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse, will be on site at the Brisk x Shady x One Taco truck to kick off the music portion of the festival.

Austin Art Mercado

Mercado 1
Saturday June 21 2008
810 East 13th Street
Austin, Texas

The Mercado is an anarchic open market where artists and collectors can connect directly, with live music and refreshments. Our goals are to make art more affordable, to help artists make a living, and to provide a venue for ephemeral and noncommercial art. Click here to learn more.

Cause for Drinks ~ Downtown

“Inspire Action. Change the world. Have Fun. Because doing good shouldn’t feel like a chore. ” -All Day Buffet

Looking for something to do this evening? Wouldn’t you rather drink for a cause than just ‘cuz? All Day Buffet’s latest event will take place this evening at Canvas Bar & Gallery. This time the mission is to support creativity and ingenuity. $2 from every drink will help get select world-changing ideas off the ground. Price of admission: a good idea. Now THAT is a good idea!

7pm Wednesday, February 20
Canvas Bar and Gallery
105 E 5th St., Austin, TX 78701

Bill Baird and Sunset ~ Beerland ~ 28 November

For me, the neatest thing about this band is the way that it has evolved over time. For a while, Bill had a bunch of songs that he had written and played on his own. Then, he invited all-comers to form an almost all acoustic guitar band that really filled out the live performance. So many guitars sounded warm and inviting, and if you knew the songs’ words, it was more like a a sing-a-long than a show. Over time, new people have joined, other people have moved on, and now there is nary an acoustic to be seen. The group has changed gradually and each person seems to have found their own niche. The band’s sound is full, and the instrumentation is rich. I particularly enjoy the addition of the pedal steel. As for categorizing the music, I would sooner direct you to some of Bill’s videos, viewable below, or his MySpace page. Continue reading

A Cure to Indie Rock Disappointment


Indie rock shows more often then not are disappointing and I don’t blame the bands but it is merely a result of their lifestyle. They go on the road for a month at a time playing to half filled rooms (if they’re lucky) only to wake up the next day to drive 300+ miles to do the same again. Once a band gets to Austin they are exhausted, sick and emotionally battered; the shows that they produce as a result are often half arsed and rarely worth the cover. Don’t get me wrong I love going to shows and I support bands I like but every once in awhile I need to be reminded what a live show should be, entertaining. Last Wednesday I got such a reminder at Beerland watching Teeners vs. Party Garbage. Continue reading