peace ~ in the streets

As a first-time contributor to Taco Austin, I was enthused to search out some street art worthy of posting. I walked from my house, through my neighborhood, to the back of a building off of lamar, where I remember seeing a cool image. unfortunately, it was painted over with a fat slab of grey.more unfortunately, on my walk over, I saw a swastika, large and red, on a brick wall in my neighborhood. I was further dismayed to see yet another swastika on my way home. I told a friend about my disappointing discovery, and he told me something I found quite surprising. The swastika was originally a Buddhist symbol, appropriated by the Nazis. (If you already knew this, sorry smartypants.)Huh, I thought, mentally adding it to my list of Things to Google. Then, I saw the beautifully moving Water this weekend. By moving, I mean I was crying and shouting at the screen by the end. One of those movies where you sit there, seemingly transfixed by the credits, but really, you are sitting there, thinking, what an amazing feat of filmmaking. The film is set in India and I noticed the doorways were marked with red swastika-like symbols. Kind of like this:¬†This symbol means all that is auspicious. It means beauty and harmony in Hindusim and in Eastern religions, is generally a positive symbol.¬†Knowing this made me want to go spray dots and squiggles into those swastikas I saw. To make something ugly, into something beautiful. But that’s illegal and I am 29 years old. I think you have to be in the 13 year old to 24 year old demographic to spray paint anything.So I was pleased when I came across a car sporting this message yesterday. It’s pretty simple, but it speaks to the taco. And world peace.You know, all that is auspicious.dsc00478.JPG