Cause for Drinks ~ Downtown

“Inspire Action. Change the world. Have Fun. Because doing good shouldn’t feel like a chore. ” -All Day Buffet

Looking for something to do this evening? Wouldn’t you rather drink for a cause than just ‘cuz? All Day Buffet’s latest event will take place this evening at Canvas Bar & Gallery. This time the mission is to support creativity and ingenuity. $2 from every drink will help get select world-changing ideas off the ground. Price of admission: a good idea. Now THAT is a good idea!

7pm Wednesday, February 20
Canvas Bar and Gallery
105 E 5th St., Austin, TX 78701

peace ~ in the streets

As a first-time contributor to Taco Austin, I was enthused to search out some street art worthy of posting. I walked from my house, through my neighborhood, to the back of a building off of lamar, where I remember seeing a cool image. unfortunately, it was painted over with a fat slab of grey. Continue reading

Casa de Luz ~ South

Thursday nights at Casa de Luz are like most nights at Casa de Luz: athletes, nouveau-hippies, and cute kids with names like Merlin quietly munching on kale. Except for one thing: tacos. Made with homemade corn tortillas. Filled with fluffy guacamole and carrots and onions and mushrooms. While much of the food at Casa is utilitarian with a touch of flavor, the tacos are delicious, and in true Casa fashion, entirely organic, gluten-free, and ridiculously good for you. 12 bucks for an all-you-can-eat plate with soup and/or salad. Order at the front counter and get a wooden nickel to exchange at the kitchen counter for your meal. Kale included.


Casa de Luz:

1701 Toomey Rd
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 476-2535

Mon.- Sat. 7 am- 9pm, 11:30 am- 2pm, 6 pm- 8:30 pm.