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Bill Baird and Sunset ~ Beerland ~ 28 November

For me, the neatest thing about this band is the way that it has evolved over time. For a while, Bill had a bunch of songs that he had written and played on his own. Then, he invited all-comers to form an almost all acoustic guitar band that really filled out the live performance. So many guitars sounded warm and inviting, and if you knew the songs’ words, it was more like a a sing-a-long than a show. Over time, new people have joined, other people have moved on, and now there is nary an acoustic to be seen. The group has changed gradually and each person seems to have found their own niche. The band’s sound is full, and the instrumentation is rich. I particularly enjoy the addition of the pedal steel. As for categorizing the music, I would sooner direct you to some of Bill’s videos, viewable below, or his MySpace page. Continue reading